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Tattoos have become a totally outdated fashion stigma. Women and men both have taken upon the new thing, unbelievable body modifications. From pointed teeth to large, broad lips to unusual things hanging along the neck, there are body modifications that will blow your mind. Humans have been altering the anatomies for various years and things have just gone from being worse to being creepy. Though it is believed that body modifications have transformed a person, people find it difficult to believe. Here are some unbelievable body modifications:

  • ELVES EARS: This took place right after the movie Lords of The Rings, where there were characters that played the roles of elves and had pointed top years. Elves in the movies and mythology were considered to be an immortal, non-ageing and a very superior race. Therefore, out of all the body modifications that have transformed a person doing an elvish ear is considered as the creepiest.
  • MAGNETIC FINGER IMPLANTS: Yes you read and heard totally correct. For all those people who always wanted to become a mutant with some sort of supernatural power invested in yourself this is the body modification that will blow your mind. Basically it is nothing but a sensory augmentation where the finger tips are added with a magnetic finger implants and they can pick up small pieces of metal with their fingers. The piercing generally gives the wearer the ability to sense electromagnetic shifts.
  • EYE POPPING SKIN PEELING: Careful, before reading this part of the article as after reading you may puke your guts out. Also famous by the term scarifications, eye popping skin peeling involves permanently altering your skin using various painful methods like by burning, scratching or etching words or pictures on it or peeling of their skins. The problem is not with the methods, but it is with the process which is endured by most of the people. How can you endure something like peeling of an orange skin with yourself but welcome to 2017, everything and anything is possible around these days.
  • TOOTH FILLING: Imagined yourself as being a vampire after watching the Twilight, wait no more as tooth filling is something which may not give you the powers a vampire possess but it sure gives you the look and the pointed edged cannibal blood sucking teeth.

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