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DIY Rock Garden Ideas for Kids

Have you ever visited Chandigarh? If yes you would not have missed the chance of visiting the sculpture garden commonly known as Rock Garden of Chandigarh. It is completely built of industrial and domestic waste and is an exceptional example of best out of waste.

Why try to explain miracles when you can just have them plant a garden because gardeners dream bigger than even the emperors. The activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime is called as gardening. It is one the best peaceful and most motivating way to pass your leisure time.

Video games have got outdated these days and therefore kids require something which helps them connect to Mother Nature and helps them grow emotionally and spiritually and gardening with kids is the solution. Therefore, create the perfect front yard and backyard landscapes with the following DIY Rock Garden Ideas for kids:

    Ever thought of keeping some insects as your pet ones? Ever thought of owning a whole new habitat where you are the omnipresent Almighty Lord? Well, here is your chance to make this come all true. Just grab an old shoe box fill it with sand, keep some pebbles and stones, make a little house with help of match boxes and toothpastes covers. And to top it all use matchsticks as fencing and paths. Drop in some insects and you have got yourself a nice habitat which would you in gardening with kids. Be creative and add any details you think is necessary like water pond to drink water, small fence containing leaves for eating etc.
    Music is something that has not only inspired but also helped a lot of people find peace in it. Imagine a chilly breeze blowing across your neighborhood and you are standing in your lush green garden enjoying it and to add icing on the cake a wind chime starts to make just the perfect musical sound. Wind chime is so easy to make, all you need are some empty metal cans, paint, crochet hoop or any other circular base and thread. Make a tiny hole on their bottom and hang them with rope or thread and you are ready with a wind chime.

    Everybody likes detailing, it not only pleases your mind but it also adds sanitation and presentation to your project. Imagine walking in a garden where everything is so colorful and on top of that everything is properly labeled with creativeness. All you have to do is make “Garden Posts” for this. Gather some used ice-cream sticks and paint them. Now fold an A4 size sheets into different labels and provide detailing and labeling to them. Paste the labels on the ice cream sticks and your garden posts are ready. You can make different types of them, like one smiley face for greeting when you enter the garden which could serve as an idea to your own rock garden.


    The best way to attract a mind is by the help of an extraordinary piece of presentation for simple and sober matter. All gardens have flowers in them but the way they are planted is all that matters and adds appeal to the garden. Cross planting flowers is another way of adding shades of coolness in your garden. All you have to do is make an any closed figure you like and divide it equally and accordingly plant flowers of different color to make a pattern that is pleasing to the eye and at the same time catchy.

Any garden is incomplete without its sets of ornaments just as the same way a bride is incomplete without her bridal jewelry serving as an idea to your own rock garden.  Garden ornaments are the most easy to make and they add to the most appeal of your garden. Moreover they can be made from anything, be it domestic waste, unused technical products or used industrial wastes. For e.g. egg trays can be painted and cut into different designs and can be placed among the fence or bulky stones can be drawn upon and painted to attract attention or to educate by writing nature loving and nature saving quotes upon them.

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