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Tattoos were supposed to be a symbol of expressing shear happiness towards a specific day you want to symbolize, the day you got married, the day you were born, or to express your personality on your body. But now a day’s tattoos have become more of a style statement and anyone without a tattoo is deemed unworthy of today’s fashion. If you are looking for the latest tattoo techniques 2017 this is your spot. Here is the list of all the new tattoo designs 2017 and latest tattoo styles:

  • MANDALA DRAWINGS: If you don’t know about what mandala drawings are then perhaps you should look back to your childhood coloring books and catch them up. Inspired from the Indian motifs, these simplistic designs are catching up with the new tattoo designs 2017.

  • POSITIVE TATTOOS: It is known in Hindu mythology that our body is created with the help of 7 chakras and that understanding each chakra and their methods adds to peace in one own self. As stress is increasing day by day, people have resorted to the positive tattoos for adopting a better lifestyle and have a positive outlook towards life. These tattoos mainly consist of chakras, lotus, energy sources and triangles upside down. They are the latest tattoo styles.
  • ABSTRACTS TATTOOS: Generally people are so fond of something that they get it tattooed to be remembered for life time. For e.g. the day they got married, the day they were born. A poster or mark they liked so much they wanted it.

Although in yesteryears Bamboo was used to craft tattoos which was both fascinating to watch but equally difficult to master. But fast forward to 2017 the latest tattoo techniques 2017 are the tattoo machine alias chemically sharpened needles attached to an electrified tattoo gun containing ink. Although tattooing world has been commercialized a lot there still are areas that require improvement. From stabbing body parts with skin to being precise with the dimensions it has come a long way.

So here are some things you need to do right after you have been tattooed:

  • Keep it covered for as long as possible.
  • Remove the excess blood, inks and ointment using a slightly mild soap.
  • Avoid direct contact with water.
  • Do not do any strenuous exercise which may cause your skin to stretch or may cause you to sweat.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or perhaps use a sunblock in extreme cases.

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