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Yogi Adityanath Celebrates Grand Diwali In Ayodha

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday slammed the opposition parties saying he also has his own personal faith and they should not interfere in that. CM Adityanath, who is visiting Ayodhya’s disputed Ram Janmabhoomi site on the occasion of Diwali, was quoted by ANI as saying: “Meri vyaktigat aastha bhi hai, us mein vipaksh kaise hastakshep kar sakta hai? (I also have my own personal faith, how can the opposition interfere in that?)”

More than 1.7 lakh earthen lamps were lit up at the grand event while a chopper decorated as the mythological “Pushpak Viman” descended on the Ram Katha Park with artistes decked up to resemble Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman. “Ayodha gave the concept of Ram Rajya — where there is no poverty, pain, grief or discrimination,” Mr. Adityanath said adding that the real meaning of the concept was a home for everyone; electricity and LPG cylinders for all households.

Asserting the need to run a ‘Swachhta Abhiyan effectively’ at the disputed Ram Janmabhoomi site, CM Adityanath also stressed on the need to improve the administrative facilities such as cleanliness and ensure basic facilities for visitors like toilets and clean drinking water. He also mentioned about upgrading the drainage system and other infrastructure there. “As the CM, it is my duty and I am committed towards development of every place of the state,” he told ANI. Since morning, Adityanath has offered his obeisance at the Hanumangarhi Temple as well as the Sugriva temple here.

The Chief Minister said he wanted to restore the ancient glory of Ayodhya. Referring to the 1.71 lakh earthen lamps lit on the banks of the Sarayu, Mr. Adityanath said the figure matched the population under the Ayodhya Nagar Nigam. Officials said 1.71 lakh earthen lamps at a single event could enter the Guinness Book of World Records. Among other major attractions at the grand event was a 22-minute laser show, with special sound effects, on Ramayana.

Days after BJP MLA Sangeet Som called the Taj Mahal ‘a blot on Indian culture’, Adityanath said today that the Taj Mahal is a huge tourist destination and we are working on a scheme to attract more tourists. “Taj Mahal paryatan ka ek behtareen kendra hai, paryatakon ko aamantrit karne ki humari ek yojna hai. Us disha mein prayas kr rahe hain,” said Adityanath, as quoted by ANI.

Hitting out at the opposition, CM Yogi said, “How can we expect any good from negative powers?” He also chided the opposition parties saying they have no work and that the ‘government in the state is transparent’.

Meanwhile, the Babri Masjid Action Committee raised objections to the fanfare with which the Adityanath government celebrated the event claiming that public money was “wasted” on the show.

“It is a matter of grave concern that public funds were wasted on the event,” the body’s convener Zafaryab Jilani said after a meeting of the committee in Ayodhya.



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